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Advanced Praise for The Red Menace...

"Full of memorable tidbits, including a decade-by-decade breakdown of the most popular lipstick shades, this colorful survey will delight history and fashion buffs alike. "


“Wise, witty and erudite. I now know a lot more about the history of beauty  culture than I ever knew I wanted to, and I’m better for it.” 

JOHN STRAUSBAUGH, author of City of Sedition and Victory City 

“Carter details a fresh, fabulous, and often frightening trip through the social,  political, cultural, and sartorial impact of female rebellion, all while staring down  the barrel of a lipstick tube. It is the fascinating story of how America came to be  one nation under gloss.” 

TONYA HURLEY, New York Times and international bestselling author  

“Even though you may not have thought much about red lipstick, it has probably  still imprinted your psyche. This book, packed with historical tidbits both  delightful and disturbing, is as much a survey of the ways history is told as of the  way lipstick’s meaning has developed in Western culture and commerce. It’s an  entertaining and thoughtful journey through the landscape of modern advertising,  beauty standards, and American history.”


JO WELDON, author of Fierce: The History of Leopard Print

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